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"CHART BUSTERS” is an interactive and innovative competition series that empowers viewers to democratically select the next wave of music superstars. Through this user driven experience, audiences elect their favorite unsigned soloist, groups, and bands, to have their careers groomed and tracked by a cadre of behind-the-scenes champions of the music industry.


Through liking, streaming, and buying songs, audience votes narrow the pool to just 10 artists representing all genres of music (Pop, Rock, R&B/ Soul, Country, and Hip Hop). In the spirit of Motown at it’s prime, these viewer selected artists are then placed in a talent incubator working with top producers, writers, musicians, brand architects, and legends to create, innovate and perform hit songs.


Each week, viewer’s purchases, streams, and likes of these original songs and performances determine each CHART BUSTER’S rank. Though top talent naturally get more opportunities and air-time, everyone really is a winner as all artists receive 60% of the profits from their sales as well as invaluable insider insights. Chartbusters is raising the bar on craft and content to take the music industry to a higher level while allowing audience to participate in the process.

CHARTBUSTERS®the Show - US Edition [2 min Sizzle] Music Competition Show Promo | AMA IZIIAN_producer
dave tolliver 1_edited.jpg
Dave Tolliver

Talent & Development Round

Carvin Haggins

A&R Round Mentor

Fred Thinker Simmons_edited.jpg
Fred Thinker Simmons

Creator and Executive Producer

David Gicking2_edited_edited.jpg
David Gicking

Development Round Mentor

Andrea LeMusique 2_edited.jpg
Andrea LeMusique

Host, A&R Round Mentor

Gary "Lil G" Jenkins

Host & Talent (TBD)

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